In a world where more than 70% of all assets are intangible, copying and misuse has become an growing threat to investments companies make in works or content that can be protected – be it domains, designs, logos, sounds, software code, products, methods, or your person.

Protecting your rights is crucial. Both in terms of how to protect your rights as well as in terms of the scope of protection.

You can protect your rights in a variety of ways depending on the nature of the asset, the need for protection, and where in the world the asset is to enjoy protection. Read more below.

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Trademarks is the generic term for your company's business characteristics. Trademarks may appear in very different forms. Traditional trademarks are word marks (such as the name of the trademark itself) and figurative marks (such as logos). Still, it is also possible to register several other types of business characteristics such as sounds, movements, shapes and multimedia (e.g. an animation of a logo). 

Use and registration create an exclusive right to use the trademark. A trademark registration is valid for ten years from the date of application and has to be renewed every ten years. 

We assist with all legal aspects of trademark registrations, including registration, ongoing monitoring as well as enforcement.  


Patents protect technologies and products and will often be essential for companies that base their business on specific technologies and products. A patent can secure the company's investments in research and development.

If you want to know more about patents, please contact Kim G. Hansen.


Copyright is the most basic protection you can obtain and is the basis for almost all protection of intellectual property rights. Images, videos, music, sounds and, not least, software can be protected by copyright. To obtain copyright protection, several conditions must be met. The product must be original, which means that it must be the result of the author's personal and independent creative efforts. The product must also be characterised as a "work". 

It is neither necessary nor possible to register copyright in Denmark to enjoy protection. 

CO:PLAY assists with copyright advice and enforcement and ensuring that your activities do not infringe the copyrights of others. 

To learn more about copyright, please contact Heidi Højmark Helveg.

Domain disputes

Internet domains have evolved into valuable and essential rights that must be protected. The value of a domain can be enormous and therefore internet domain disputes may arise from time to time. This may happen, for example, when a person buys a domain that contains a company's trademark ogr name and the person subsequently tries to sell the domain to the company at an excessive price, or when someone buys a domain name to harm a business.

CO:PLAY assists with advice on domain disputes including inthe Complaints Board for Domain Names (regarding top-level domain) and international domains based on ICANN's rules.

To learn more about domain disputes, please contact Kim G. Hansen.

Good marketing practice

Your company's brand, products, look-and-feel, etc., enjoy protection under marketing laws, and your competitors may not imitate or sponge on your efforts. Your protection arises from the efforts you have made and the principle of the rules is that everyone must make an effort of their own and not be parasitic on someone else's. Protection grows with your efforts, and the interest in imitating typically arises when a lot of effort and investment is successful. Here it is essential to enforce one's rights so that the imitations of others do not erode your effort and investment. We advise on all aspects of marketing law and have extensive experience in enforcing companies' marketing protections

If you want to know more about good marketing practice, you can contact Heidi Højmark Helveg.

Personal protection and freedom of expression

Your own person is protected including your name, your image, your voice, your information, your privacy, your personal integrity and your personality.

If you find that an image of you is being used by others, e.g. in their marketing, or if you are mentioned, for example, in media in an offensive or infringing way, we can help protect your interests. Companies as well as individuals are protected against defamation, where the important distinction between value judgments and facts is central. Protection ends when freedom of expression demands it.

We handle cases concerning freedom of expression in all its forms, including on social media and misinformation, media freedom of expression, employees' freedom of expression, libel charges, etc. If you or your company is in the media spotlight or otherwise subject to defamation/libel, we can handle all parts of the process and have significant experience in strategic advice and reputation management that is an important part of the process as you go through a media storm. We also conduct injunction cases, court cases and press board cases when necessary.

To learn more about personal protection please contact Heidi Højmark Helveg.

Business secrets

Does your company take good care of its trade secrets?

Since 2018, it has been a requirement for a company that wants to protection its trade secrets to take certain actions to protect them. One way of protecting business secrets is to ensure that employees who are aware of trade secrets are under confidentiality obligations and that business partners and others to whom the company grants access to trade secrets are granted access only after they have entered into a non-disclosure agreement.

Trade secrets can be any kind of information about the company's products, services, methods or anything else that has independent economic value and is not known to the outside world, i.e. is secret.

If you need to know more about the protection of your trade secrets or have someone misused your trade secrets you can contact Kim G. Hansen.

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