A transaction is a complex process that often involves many stakeholders. There will typically be a seller and a buyer, but the process and subject-matter of the transaction can be very varied.

Regardless of the nature of the transaction, it requires extremely thorough planning and management, which in interaction with effective process management integrates business understanding with legal knowledge. The goal is the completion of a transaction and not unnecessary complexity.

Read below about any of the types of transactions that CO:PLAY can assist with.

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The number of investments (by non-owners) in companies  is increasing and may have many different forms and characteristics. Investors can be industry-related companies, private equity funds, business angels, crowdfunding or IPO's.

CO:PLAY advises both Danish and international companies within investments, including venture and seed investments, ownership and investment agreements, tax and corporate law matters. COPLAY has a highly reputed team with vast experience - both as representatives of investors and of target companies.

If you want to know more about investments, you can contact Jonas Møllgaard Mikkelsen.

System procurements

For many companies, the procurement of new systems can be both business-critical, costly and associated with a high degree of complexity when business processes need to be supported by IT.

CO:PLAY has in-depth knowledge of IT and licensing matters, which are of great importance to companies considering buying a new system. CO:PLAY has a highly experienced team, which includes, among other things, four certified IT lawyers.

To learn more about purchasing systems, contact Mandeep Singh Rathour.

Buying and selling businesses (M&A)

Buying and selling companies is an intensive process that requires both business insight and a wide range of professional skills. From the conclusion of a letter of intent and due diligence to negotiation and drafting of agreements, there is a need for governance towards transaction objectives (hedging of risks, price, timing, etc.).

CO:PLAY has extensive experience in advising both Danish and international companies within the purchase and sale of companies - especially within our focus sectors technology, media and entertainment.

If you want to know more about buying and selling companies, you can contact Jonas Møllgaard Mikkelsen.

Our transaction team

If you need help in one or more of the areas within Transactions, you can contact someone from our team:
Mathias Légaré Holm
Assistant Attorney
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Kristoffer Rosenquist Kirk
Jonas Møllgaard Mikkelsen
Mandeep Singh Rathour
Lawyer, Managing Partner
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